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What a Solar Cleaning Service Does

What a Solar Cleaning Service Does

What a Solar Cleaning Service Does

08:00 17 October in Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are amazing: they harness the sun’s power to provide energy. This energy is clean and environmentally-conscious. Even better still, this energy can be less expensive than traditional forms of energy. That being said, to really get everything you can out of solar energy, it requires a bit of upkeep. This isn’t just like turning on a light switch; you have to care for your solar panels. They can be weakened and their efficiency lessened by possibly unexpected factors. Our solar cleaning service can make sure your panels are operating at their best and so much more.

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As great as solar panels can be, their energy output can be reduced by environmental factors. Sure, they can be messed with by critters and harmed by bird droppings, but they can do weakened by dirt, too. In fact, they can even be harmed by smog, which is the kind of thing that you can’t necessarily keep out of your local environment. When these elements harm your solar panels, our solar cleaning service can be there to make your panels as good as new again. Instead of suffering through a reduced output from your panels, let us clean them so that they get back to giving you all the energy that you need.

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Before and After our Solar Panel Cleaning Service

If you head over to our site, you’ll see some “before and after” pictures. They show what solar panels look like before our solar cleaning service cleans them and after. With a quick glance at the pictures, you might not necessarily notice that the panels themselves look all that much different. Sure, the “after” panels seem to be a bit brighter, a bit shinier, but it’s not a terribly dramatic visual change. However, the big change is in your monthly bill. We’ve had customers whose solar output has increased by almost 30% after just a cleaning. Think about that: getting roughly one –third more power after having our cleaners out once.

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Sometimes, all that’s standing between you and big monthly energy bill savings is a cleaning. Of course, our solar cleaning service can help you in so many other ways than just cleaning. For example, we can provide plenty of solar maintenance, too. When solar panels break down or stop working exactly as they should, that’s the kind of thing you need the professionals for. With our years of experience, we can fix your panels. Whether the inverter is broken, the panels are broken themselves, your roof is leaking or anything else – if you need help with solar panels, we’ve got you covered.

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Solar panels can help the environment, but they can also help your bottom line, too. For many of our customers, they first realized there was something wrong with their solar panels when they saw they weren’t saving as much on their monthly electricity bills as they thought they were. We can come to your panels and figure out what the problem is if you give us a call at (818) 740-6150.

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