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Beyond Washing Solar Panels

Washing Solar Panels

Beyond Washing Solar Panels

18:14 07 December in Solar Panel Cleaning

If you’ve been reading these blogs for any length of time, then you know that solar panels are a great way to generate good, clean energy. More and more people are turning to solar panels to give them the kind of energy they can depend on. However, there are some folks who think that solar panels can do it all on their own, that solar panels don’t require any kind of maintenance or cleaning. Solar panels are incredible, this is true. They can do unbelievable and amazing things in generating energy. For them to do that, however, they have to be taken care of. In this blog, we’ll go over some ways beyond washing solar panels to make sure that solar panels are working like they should be.

Washing Solar Panels

Of course, washing solar panels is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve them. Too often, solar panels’ energy output is threatened by being covered with too much debris and gunk. Solar panels, after all, derive their power from the sun. Indeed, their entire method of getting power is to draw in the sun’s rays. So, if they’re disconnected from those rays, then they can’t get power. Or, if they’re only partially obstructed, then they can get some power, but not nearly the power they’re able to. That can be a real problem, particularly if you were counting on them to get a set amount of power. Cleaning is one way that the solar panels can be refreshed.

Solar Panels in Southern California

Southern California is a truly great place for solar power. The seasons are all mostly sunny. Indeed, the sun is out almost every day of the year. That means that there’s so much power for your solar panels to draw their power from. Unfortunately, in southern California, there’s plenty of debris that gum up your solar panels, too. Dirt and dust can swirl through the air, landing on your panels. With plenty of birds around, bird droppings can be a significant issue. None of those may sound like major problems for your solar panels. However, they can build up over time. If you don’t have your solar panels checked, inspected and cleaned, they will build up over time.

Washing Solar Panels

Preventative Maintenance

When dealt with consistently, that debris won’t pose real problems. That’s why we so strongly recommend that you have our solar panel professionals look at your panels every now and then. That way, if debris or other gunk is building up, we’ll be able to spot it before it becomes too much of a problem; before it builds up. The earlier these problems are caught, the less they can harm your electric bill. Preventative maintenance and consistent washing are two great ways to ensure that your solar panels give you better power today. On top of that, they’re two of the better ways to make sure that your solar panels work well in the future, as well.

Solar Panels for the Long Haul

You can add years to your solar panels just by taking care of them. We use the analogy of the “vehicle that’s been left outside” quite a bit because it’s an instructive one. In fact, to use current events, at the time of this writing, wildfires in southern California were recently stopped. They put so much ash and debris into the air and atmosphere. Perhaps that debris didn’t get down to exactly where you are, but there could be some of it sitting on top of your solar panels right now. Every day that you let it go is another day that you let your electric bill be just a bit higher than it should be. Protecting your investment in your solar panels means protecting your solar panels.

In southern California, we have a lot of wildlife. That means that there are so many unique animals to see in our forests, parks and neighborhoods, but it can also means that critters will be around your solar panels. We have so many clients who didn’t realize when some kind of small critter weakened their solar panels by walking on them, chewing on them, or damaged them in some other ways. We offer “critter guards,” which dissuade critters from ever going near your solar panels. We install these, too.

For us at Solar Service Professionals, it’s gratifying to see so many people taking advantage of solar technology. There’s never been a better time for solar panels. It’s never been easier to generate your own environmentally conscious energy. However, it’s not just about generating that energy on the day your panels are installed; it’s about doing that over a long period of time. We can help you to do just that. To talk to our solar professionals, just send us a message through our site or call us at (818) 740-6150.

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