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Home Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance

Home Solar Panel Maintenance

08:00 28 December in Preventive Maintenance

Jumping from emergency to emergency is exhausting. That’s true in all areas of life. We’ve all gone through it with our homes: one day, the sink acts up, the next day the stove won’t work, and so forth. Obviously, emergencies are going to happen eventually. You can’t totally keep them from occurring. However, preventative measures can be taken to cut down on the likelihood of an emergency and possibly avoid them all together. In this blog, we’ll go over some of how our preventative solar panel maintenance works. We’ll also include some tips for how you can make sure your panels are always working their best.

Our Solar Panel Maintenance

For many people, one of the great selling points to solar panels is that you don’t have to worry about them. You can just point them towards the sun and wait for the power to come rolling in. Indeed, solar panel technology has advanced quite a bit, to the point where solar panels can do so much on their own. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that your solar panels are always at their peak effectiveness. Our preventative maintenance of solar panels can head off potential problems. As with anything else, the earlier that a problem is caught, the easier it is to deal with.

Solar Panel Inspection

There’s nothing wrong with inspecting your own solar panels. You may want to check on them every now and then. There doesn’t have to be something wrong with them for you to inspect. You just want to go look in on them occasionally to make sure that there are no obvious problems. That being said, having a regularly schedule inspection from our professionals is good for your solar panels, too. With our experience and cutting edge tech, we can notice so many more potential problems with your solar panels than you might be able to. It’s the difference between checking your own health by yourself and going to a doctor. A trained professional will notice so much more than a regular person can. This way, you’re protecting the investment you’ve made in your panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Cleaning

Another way to protect the investment in your solar panels is to have us clean them regularly. Sure, you could try to clean your own solar panels. But, the same analogy as above applies: it’s the difference between a trained pro and a regular person. Your solar panels are important to you. If you have them installed at your home or place of business, then you know how effective they can be when they’re working their best. If you’ve made that kind of investment, then you owe it to yourself to ensure their best operation. That’s where our cleaning comes in. through regularly scheduled ongoing cleaning; we ensure that your panels are producing the kind of power that you expect.

Bill Audits and Monitoring

Even when your solar panels are installed and running, they may not be giving you all the power that they should be. In fact, it can be difficult to tell if your panels are working as well as they could. That’s where a solar panel audit comes in. A good way to tell if you need one of these: look at your electric bill. Is it still as high (or higher) than it was when you put the panels in? Has the bill not dropped, or only dropped a bit? If that’s the case, it may be time for an audit. In an audit, our maintenance professionals will review your bills, compare them to your expected production, and then square that with your solar panels. Often in these cases, the solar panels aren’t working quite as they should. Then, we can fix your solar panels to get your bills as low as they should be.

Solar panels can be an incredibly effective way to generate power, but they do require monitoring. Sometimes, they stop working. In fact, we’ve had customers who’ve come to us saying “our solar panels aren’t working as well as we’d hoped.” Then, when we went to check out their solar panels, we found that they weren’t even turned on. With items that you leave outside all the time, like solar panels, all kinds of things can happen. That’s why consistent maintenance from professionals is so important: it can make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your solar panels.

We offer many different service and maintenance plans for your panels. On top of that, we also have a monitoring app. This app is a great way to track your solar panels’ power, so that it meets expectations for lowering your electric bill. To schedule a consultation or even just to get more information, give us a call at (818) 740-6150 or head to our site.

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