Solar Panel Maintenance Los Angeles | Panel Cleaning, Repair & Install
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Solar Power System Repairs

If you've had your home's solar system installed more than 2 years ago, chances are the installation company who did the job is no longer in business. With less than 20% of installation companies still around, where are solar homeowners to turn when they're systems aren't working as projected or promised. We're the Solar Service Professionals and we're the ones you call when your system needs help. Almost all systems need preventative maintenance and cleaning. So if your system needs some much needed care or isn't living up to your expectations, we're here to help.

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Preventive Maintenance

We've all heard the saying, ``an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.`` Same can be said for solar. Whether its a rooftop of ground mounted system, the best way to keep your home's system up and running at optimum levels is through maintenance. Inspection and regularly scheduled panel cleaning is your best bet.

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Performance Analysis

Does your system have monitoring? Are you able to log in see if your system is working like its supposed to. Do you have a central invertor or micro's? Do you know if they're working to capacity? Well, we know how to find out. Have us come out and we'll provide you with a full and comprehensive report. We'll let you know how your system is working and what if any improvements can be made to help improve your systems output.

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Solar Power Systems Experts

With more than two decades of Solar industry knowledge the staff here at Solar Service Professionals has seen it all. We specialize in making sure that home and business owners who have gone solar, are getting what they paid for. We’ve seen a lot of bad installations and our team focuses on fixing the messes left behind by unprofessional companies. We educate homeowners on how simple it is to maintain their installations to ensure long lasting and high producing energy output. Our mission is to help you stay energy independent. We are the Solar Service Professionals. and include the following…If you are looking to sell your property, we work with realtors who are especially trained and certified in solar home sales. We can help you determine the true solar value and projected energy savings of your system. Contact us today and order a SunReport©. It’s a solar homeowners best friend when it’s time to sell your home.

Our Team Of Experts

Solar Power Service Professionals
Manny H.
Owner/ Operator

Prior to starting Solar Service Professionals, Manny was Director of Operations for a leading So-Cal solar company. During that time he oversaw hundreds of installations. With 8 years of solar installation experience under his belt. Manny is a true believer in the solar experience. Now he wants to make sure that homeowners who have made the decision to go solar have an affordable option to have their systems serviced so they meet the 25-30 year lifetime expectations and operate at their maximum output.

Daniel M.
Sr. Field Solar Technician

With a half decade of in-field solar experience, Daniel is ideally suited to work with homeowners, ensuring that their system is working at an optimum level. In the event that the system is not working as designed, he'll know how to fix it.

Josh M.
Office Manager

After working with several of North America's leading solar companies, Josh knows how a solar company should work. More importantly, Josh is a stickler for service and is committed to the customer experience.

Gary A.
Solar Engineer

Maria B.
Customer Service Liason

Mike P.
Customer Service Liason

Customer Service Liason