Solar Panel Washing Los Angeles | Solar Repair & Maintenance in LA Area
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Are your panels or inverter broken? Maybe you're not sure? Whatever the issue is Solar Service Pros can dispatch a qualified technician to fix the issue; most of the time in the first visit! The service call can be done while you are home or at work. We'll even email you a status report once we're done! Book your appointment today!

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Did you get solar and now your roof is leaking? Your roofer can’t touch the solar panels? You’re not alone… Solar Service Pros can accurately determine whether the leak is coming from your solar or not. We can repair your solar roof leak ourselves or we can work with your preferred roofer. Give us a call today to fix your solar roof leak!

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Did you know that dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime will reduce the production of your solar panels and increase your electric bill? By cleaning the panels you can save thousands over the life time of the solar panels. Give us a call today for a Solar Service Pro that knows how to clean your panels quickly and safely!

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Are animals living under your panels or running around your roof? Squirrels and birds can create costly damage to your solar panels and wiring. It’s not uncommon for animals to bite the wiring or create a nest under the panels. Solar Service Pros offers an economical solution for this. Install a critter guard today and save thousands tomorrow!

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Are you paying two bills now? Is your electric bill the same or more than before solar? There is a good chance that your solar panels are not working. Solar Service Pros can review your bills and compare it to your expected production. We can tell you if there is a problem or if you need energy saving tips. Give us a call for an Electric Bill Audit!

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Do you know how much your solar is producing? Do you know if your solar is even on? How often do you service your solar system? Solar Service Professionals offers service plans and a monitoring app to keep your solar panels producing high and keep your electric bill low. Ask us today how the monitoring app can work for you! iOS and Android compatible.

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