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Solar Panel Cleaning Services for Commercial

You got into the solar panel business for clean energy, but you wanted to make money, too. Solar panels are not an inexpensive investment. You put a lot of hard work into your panels as well as your business. To make sure that you’re getting everything you can out of them, they have to be clean. Southern California is gorgeous. Living here is a true privilege. However, there are many ways for your solar panels to get unclean. When they’re unclean, it can keep them from generating as much power as they should. Don’t let that happen. Bring in our solar panel cleaning services for commercial locations.


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Production & Bill Analysis

Whether you’re using your solar panels to power your building or to sell the power, our solar panel cleaning services for commercial locations can get you more power than ever before. For example, many of our clients fin that they’ve increased their panel’s power output by 20% more. Think about that. It’s one fifth more energy than you were generating for just the same amount of cost. It’s a way of getting more out of what you already had, without having to spend much more money. Really, having your solar panels cleaned is just good business.

Solar Panel Cleaning for Your Business

On top of that, solar panels can get dirty so quickly in Southern California. At first glance, that can see impossible: they’re solar panels, how do they possibly get dirty? Well, to use an analogy, make a note next time you see a car that hasn’t been cleaned in say, a month. Really look at its exterior: you’re liable to see dirt, maybe some grime, lots of dust, bird droppings and more. Now, remember that it’s a car: so it’s driving on the road very quickly much of the time, or underneath a roof in some kind of garage. So, Solar panels aren’t like that. They’re always out in the open. Imagine what they must look like. That’s why solar panel cleaning services for commercial locations are so important

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Greater Solar Panel ROI

In the end, cleaner solar panels allow you to get a greater return on investment. When your solar panels are caked in dirt, grime, bird droppings and everything else, it greatly interferes with their ability to generate power. Everything just mentioned negatively affects the panels’ ability to provide you with energy, lessening their overall effect. By having solar panels and then not cleaning them, you’re wasting your initial investment. Give your solar panels what they need to thrive with our solar panel cleaning services for commercial locations.

The Solar Service Professionals

We call ourselves “Solar Service Professionals” because we can do a lot more for your panels than just clean them. We can fix them should they be leaking or dented. Beyond that, we can figure out what their optimal output is, and then make sure that they’re performing at that level. For cleaning services and so much more, call us at (818) 740-6150 or go to our website.

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